Data Analyst

2 years experience

• Working closely with the customers to validate the solution's outcomes and implement our solutions.
• Working closely with Technical Project Manager and Product manager.
• Analyzing the system's data using queries with Excel/reports outputs.
• Investigating the system output and verify against guidelines and algorithms both company internal and public guidelines.
• Building tools to track data quality on large DB with complicated schemas.
• Monitoring the integrity and validity of the customer data.


• Bachelor's or Master's degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, or a related field.
• 2 years of working experience as a Data Analyst.
• Excellent SQL knowledge.
• Ability to work independently and simultaneously on different tasks, lead multiple projects.
• Experience with BI front-end tools such as Tableau/Power BI/Qlikview/Etc.
• B.Sc in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, or equivalent.

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