Data Engineer

4 years experience

In this role you will be responsible for translating business requirements into comprehensive data models that will support the development of efficient and sustainable solutions.
You will collaborate with cross-functional teams to create solutions for ingesting and handling big data from multiple internal and external sources.


• 4 years of experience as a Data Modeler / Data Engineer with focus on data/BI or similar.
• Experience with data platforms, including ETLs, data pipelines, data warehousing, and analytical tools.
• 3 years advanced experience in SQL.
• Knowledge of data modeling best practices, architecture in a big data environment (streaming / data lake / DWH).
• Experience with Python.

Data Scientist

Petah Tikva
2 years experience

• Collaborate with stakeholders to define project objectives and data requirements.
• Analyze large datasets using advanced statistical methods.
• Develop predictive models, machine learning algorithms, and statistical analyses to extract insights.
• Design experiments and A/B tests to optimize business processes and outcomes.
• Create data visualizations and dashboards to effectively communicate findings to non-technical stakeholders.
• Develop and maintain predictive models to support decision-making.


• 2+ years of hands-on experience as a data scientist in the industry
• M.Sc. in computer science, electrical engineering, or related areas.
• Strong theoretical and practical background in a variety of machine learning techniques, algorithms, and frameworks.
• Strong programming skills, with experience in Python and SQL.
• Passionate about understanding user behavior and preferences.
• Strong business orientation.
• Ability to effectively manage time and meet deadlines.

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